Weapon Camo One Time Use?

Hey guys, tried searching the forums about this but I didn't turn up any results, but does anyone know if weapon camo is a one time use item? I want to apply it to my weapons as I get them, but if I can only use it once, then I want to save it for an end game item later. Anyone who has used weapon camo or has played the game in the JP region and knows this answer would be of great help! Thank you.

A Weapon camo is an item, and you equip it to apply it, and it applies to all Weapons that it matches (ie. If you have a *Coated Edge camo, any Sword you use while it is equipped will take the form of the *Coated Edge).

Weapon Transmutation, on the other hand, is applied directly to a single Weapon, but it requires a pass that is used up with the process.

That's very helpful, thank you!