Baited me into playing on servers that xbox players had months to play on.

😞 You guys are mean

You werent baited into anything. A cursory search on the internet would have told you that all 3 were prior existing servers thats why alot of us have waited to commit to anything.

You a joke? Why in the world would any one have to search "Fresh Start Pso2" for a LAUNCH DAY

Yo remember that time Wildstar came out and you had to do a google search to see if the server was a fresh start? or wow..... Or Like nearly everything.

Because everyone knew that it was an "xbox exclusive launch" that PC players were just being given access to later. Its been marketed that way since the very first announcement. Nothing about this was a freshly launched game, that happened months ago.

Because you knew and people that have been following the game for years knew every one knew. got it

so what have you missed during this 2months periods of Xbox exclusivity:

  • Yeah yeah we had more time to grind. But this is a game where literally take a week to get to the max level even by doing the most inefficient missions. I am sure PC players can catch up within 1-2 weeks.
  • Gears. OK, Ultimate Quest is added after the PC release, and common loots from the mission obsoleted nearly all the gears we grinded from months.
  • The game has not received any single content update since CBT, until the launch. So other than base levels and mag, everything else Xbox players did is already irrelevant by now due to better gears and skills releases.
  • AC scratches are paid cosmatic content, unless you really think this makes any difference.

Any gold you have earned in the 2 months even if we play the same time is still pc launch being behind. So say we earn the same 30 million and you personally earned 5 million during the headstart You will always be ahead Even at 5billion Youll be at 5 billion 5 million.

That would be the same if Blizzard started Limit at level 60 in shadowlands.

Keep in mind... the level cap was reduced temporarily to its original level 75 and lots of post-Episode 3 content is gated... by the time those contents are available, PC players would have been caught up with Xbox One players hopefully.

@Kosynth My opinion is, extra gold isn't important. Plus with the PC release, there are new ways of generate meseta from the system, which contributes to faster inflation. Also this is not a competitive game, I personally would not care how much meseta other players got, that does not affect my gaming experience.

"Doesn't affect me so I dont care" But it affects the NPE

@Kosynth There's not much of a new player experience here. You're frankly infinitely better off having more established players around and due to the number of people with knowledge from the JP server you were already at a disadvantage anyways.

Why are you so against the players who want a fresh start getting their fresh start.

@Kosynth said in Baited me into playing on servers that xbox players had months to play on.:

Why are you so against the players who want a fresh start getting their fresh start.

Personally I'm not, I'm just being realistic and trying to let you know that the experience you seem to think will exist simply doesn't in PSO2. Unless you invent time travel and go play the JP version pre-Episode 3 maybe.