Xbox one gfx quality?

Is it me or does it look like blurry pixelated peice of crap??? With random hitches for 5 secs every now and then

@jam201984 I experienced a bit of that to. I have the original xbox one and the graphics are not terrible but I noticed some lack in the quality of it myself as well as the accasional screen freeze but went away shortly. I was told there was a way of going about it to help improve this by turning off the recording features but I have not tried it myself.

My xbox is the day 1 edition still chugging away. I don't remember the jp on pc looking so rubbish.


Well the original Xbox One could barely do 900p and a bunch of games were 720p for it. It's why the made the S model which was a very slight boost. The real difference maker is the Xbox One X which the graphics are quite nice since they put the extra time into making it 4k.