Uh... Hello? Ship 2?

Ship 2 has been a flaming wreck for 5+ hours with ZERO dev response. Are you guys actually gonna do something or...?


Friday night, ship nuked and still not even a hey guys were working on it?

After all the other issues this is how you nuke a game... silence during a rough launch...

kinda irritating that they haven't even acknowledged the issue

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@lexxxstarshok said in Uh... Hello? Ship 2?:

Friday night, ship nuked and still not even a hey guys were working on it?

After all the other issues this is how you nuke a game... silence during a rough launch...

the radiation killed all non cast arks the blocks effected are closed off till the radiation is gone when that will happen is unknown.

It seems to have killed my Cast Ranger as well. /sigh


ship 2 error 602 whole day ..

This is getting to be absurd. I've been defending the game and dev team through a lot of the issues coming up in launch, but the complete lack of any sort of communication comes off as utter disregard for the player base. Even a "we're aware of the issue and investigating" would at least calm people a bit.

It's bad enough that we're missing a Friday night we could be making good use of our premium time, but I can accept that; I chose to throw money at a game right at launch and I know how MMO launches usually go. The game staff just utterly ignoring the players is pretty hard to forgive though.


They did post something on Twitter, but that was like 17 hours ago. When I logged in at 7am EST, ship 2 was, for the most part, OK. I did run into the issue someone else was having where the lag was so bad that it started to effect other programs running on my PC. And I'm not running a outdated machine. I have a high end MSi gaming computer that can easily run this game.


There's actually a fix for that lag, if you want to play around with it. It appears to be because the launcher is currently launching the game with some sort of debug parameters, and can be gotten around. Once we can get into game, anyway.


As far as this morning, it was working pretty well then but slowly fell apart all day pretty much from the concert on. Right after that it started dropping connections. Then we got the UQ that never ended. Right after that it started erroring out if anyone in my alliance tried to change blocks. Shortly after that it was telling people that they were restricted to the first 10 blocks, and then the other blocks just disappeared. NO idea what caused a cascade of failures like that, I just hope the devs do.

I was playing earlier today and it kicked me out. When I tried to log back in, server full. Then it kept notifying me there was an error with my player ID.
It's the block I was in, crashed and burned. Now, I jumped to another server and started playing there.
I still cannot find any announcement of an issue or fix. Since today was my first real chance to play it, I just started enjoying the game. Now I think I will go back to FFXIV. No announcement about the problem. No comment on when they are planning to have it fixed, just killed it for me.

They did finally post on Twitter that they were aware of it. They've also said it's back up now. Crossing my fingers.

Twitter response

@Raishi-Fox I'm back in ship 2 with my character. It's still kind of lagging, but I haven't tried the work around yet. I'll give it a go after I complete my partners quests.