Anyone know of any BrFi builds?

I know Hu is preferred but I'll do that one later.

So the build is simple and in the tree 3 points for fighter are left out due to choices that can be made. You can spend the last 3 points on Weapon Gear upgrade skills or max out your stance. The stances are both good and unless you plan to main fighter at any time you will be able to get both maxed out by level 90.

The Braver Tree is straight forward Katana based with minor Bow support. You can move any points you want away from the Power Ups. That would be 20 skill points you can put anywhere you want. The Fighter tree is based on the major damage boost passives and stacking debuff damage boosts. A lot of braver photon arts will melt through your PP in short order so getting the fighter damage boost when PP is below 50% is a great addition.

The overall setup for this build type is Katana Focus with double stances. Precision Stance from Braver Class and Valiant/Wise stance from Fighter Class. If you want you can take Wise over Valiant if you prefer attacking from behind targers. But either stance after reaching high enough levels will negate the stance debuffs as you get higher. The priority in how you want to spend the points is up to you. But 100% get the Stances first thing. The damage boosts from those will skyrocket your damage potential with 40+ content and make the climb all the easier.

The gameplay style can be used however you want but if you don't have a team that can debuff. I recommend having atleast one weapon that can debuff or cause status effects. (Burn, Freeze, Poison, etc...) Just keep an eye out for those affixes on dropped weapon and just throw it on a katana. If you are running with a team that can do debuffs or cause status effects then don't worry about using that weapon just use your best Katana.

As for the 10 extra points called CO SP. (Client Order Skill Points) In the Gate Hub there are random NPC's standing around that give class specific client orders. The CO SP orders will be given as you raise your class level so I recommend doing every client order for Braver and Fighter. A free 10 extra SP is well worth it.

Forgot to add some info. Don't worry about getting the fighter skills that are based on suffering from status effects. You will rarely have those effects active so I recommend only ever putting the one point into those. Just in case for those rare times when you don't have the recovery items or a team member who can use Anti on you.

Skill tree based on current end game availability

@The-Question That's a really nice build, I hope you don't mind that I use this alright? It seems to fit perfectly for my play style, especially now that I now that Precision style is what I need to work on since I do normally aim at those when battling.

@Guilrel Use it however you see fit. That's what it's here for.

Hey thanks for the build, Ill test it out when open beta arrives.

@Annihilator27 said in Anyone know of any BrFi builds?:

Hey thanks for the build, Ill test it out when open beta arrives.

Look at my other thread if you wanna see another variation of a Braver/Fighter build.

I'll check it out.

This is how an actual Br/Fi skill tree would look like.. Not what that guy posted.

This is how it would look like at lvl 75

However, if you want to do Br/Fi, you usually do Fi/Br instead and use a all class/crafted katana. And it looks like this. At lvl 75

The problem with a direct build for the Braver class as i've heard from veteran builders is the end goal. Bravers can transfer easily to melee heavy classes. If your goal is Br/Ph for example both melee and range is useful as the weapons are: Katana,Rod,Assault Rifle and Bow. Braver can be hybrid as a a result. If you choose to go the path of katana only or bow only that will dictate your build. If anyone has either and a hybrid that would be useful. Im still experimenting....

If you need something immediate use the JP server players/vets ...


You can't use successor class PAs when they are a subclass. Rod and rifle is useless.