Is there a hacker

Nice story mate

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Nice story mate

At least he was blunt.

@Nevzat no thats what i heard... like i hope not lol... im just trying to get answers

@Rages4calm i just wanna know that my guy that i have 130+ hours is still there.

There is no hacker. They are doing something with the server. They also seem to be planning to release the other ships, but it seems like that may have caused issues with Ship 2 for some reason.

@Ragnawind well I'm at work right now and I'm just super curious on what's going on because a couple of my friends play and they told me that the servers just went down and it could be a hacker so I don't know hopefully they are just doing the server stuff and that my guys still there.

i doubt it... if ship 2 was down completely, i'd say i could see it being a DDOS attack on the server, but that doesn't seem to be the case, far as i've seen. definitely something going wrong, but i'd sooner put this on bad optimization growing more apparent on the full server first, over saying it's something malicious. granted, the gold sellers seem to have started popping up this morning, so there could be something going on...

Some of the stuff I've seen people saying on reddit is that ship 2 has only 8-10 blocks active at the moment. That's coming from some people who are still online in one of those active blocks. Other than that, most speculation I've read is that its a problem stemming from getting the other ships ready.

@Pharamont This is true. They have multiple screen shots.

@Hownztooth so no hacking so also hearing that people's guys are get deleted??

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@Hownztooth so no hacking so also hearing that people's guys are get deleted??

No ones characters are getting deleted. They are stored in a separate database that is read by the server upon logging in, which is how it is possible to change ships, though that feature isn't enabled in NA yet.