Su / Fi or wait for Phantom?

So after lvling to almost 30 and finding out phantom isnt even in the game yet and dumping all my upgrades into TECH on my mag, should i go su/fi just for stances and crit and later go phantom just so i dont have to do all this over again?.

Been a summoner main since launch. I haven’t used any points for striking and built everything for tech. The variance isn’t THAT huge between the 2 of them, and a tech built SuFi is still very much viable and fun!

ok thanks i didnt want to go all the way back to lvl 1 and have to build all the achievements and pets and candy boxes ive already amassed lol. So wait for phantom it is?

For sure! That’s my current plan. Just have fun with what’s there now and get the meta build later 🙂

thanks a ton was worried for awhile there