Can't get in a ship due to it being full.

There's extra space in channels on the ship if you have a premium pass. Why is it that i cant log in to a ship thats full when there's premium space left. I also want to voice that there should some kind of priority for the premium pass but since the game literally came out 3 days ago. the servers are going to be unusually packed, its just an unnecessary work. Im just mad i cant get in to the ship when there's the other ships thats open. Cant even transfer my character i made to go to another ship. since i cant get in and access my character.

ship 2 has been all messed up for a few hours now

I wasnt able to get in personal and alliance quarters, so i logged off to see if itll fix it. but then this

They should at least allow people to remedy their mistake for choosing an overpopulated server by being able to movie your character to another ship or log in to character creation so you can do that option. Had I realized that ship 2 would be so unbearably packed to the point where you cant log in i would have chosen another realm. I figured having larger player numbers would be good economy wise.. but i can't even log in lmao. I was able to log in just fine earlier. Must be peak time.

@jijiya It's not that's it's too packed to log in, Almost all of the blocks actually crashed and only about 8-10 are still working.

ahhhhhhhh i was wondering why i couldn't make it past the getting started part 😕

I have premium and i cant get back on ship 2 either 😞

@TsundereMuse oh my. Isn't that due to the servers not handling the influx of people though?

@jijiya Quite possible, but it's more of a glitch at this point that merely needs fixing.


The crash happened shortly after what seemed to be a small server maintenance. When I got originally kicked at least, the server listing for ship 2 was marked as "maintenance in progress".

I have premium and i cant get back on ship 2 either 😞

thanks for the comments guys, so server maintenance i guess. idk why its happening during the middle of the day but hopefully we all get to log in soon.

I got premium too, and can't log in. Man the pc sure have rough start, I just want to enjoy the game. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Hopefully they get this fixed soon! All my friends are on ship 2 😞