Game randomly broke, uninstalling it broke the windows store

I was able to play the game fine with some friends for a whole day. Then the game decided to do the thing where it deletes its own files. My friend also was able to play with me but he also had his files nuked, and he was getting worse error messages than I was. I tried to follow advice from forums and reddit to uninstall the game and remove bloat files. Now the Windows Store straight up is broken and nothing I try from googling seems to work, and I really don't want to reset my pc if I don't have to. I know I brought part of this on myself for trying to fix issues on my own, but this is completely egregious. If anyone has advice on how to fix the windows store without having to wipe my pc, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I am beyond infuriated that I waited 6+ years to go through this. We don't just need a fix, we need a solution to clean up the messes that this game installation leaves behind.

Yes I agree. Initially the download was successful but I had all the other errors that everyone was getting trying to start the game. I tried to uninstall, cleaned up files and registry and reboot. And now clicking the install button does nothing except to let me choose the drive I want to install on and then nothing happens. Any other apps or games I download or install have no issues through Microsoft Store, just PSO2.

I reinstalled the Microsoft Store, reset the cache, cleaned up everything and it's still doing nothing... =/

might have only been 1/2 the problems if they would've just stuck with Steam