Ship 2 needs help with congestion.

Please enable a kick for inactive players after 30 minutes of inactivity. The amount of players just sitting around afk is astounding, and it's preventing players who want to actually play the game, from entering. I know Ship 2 is the most popular, and I usually avoid over populated servers, but my friends have been playing since the Xbox beta and are fully established. I have been waiting for the last 3 hours to get in, with no success. It's looking like it's going to be a struggle to play this first weekend. At least have the automatic afk kick for the first few weeks while the game hyped.

^^ I second this person.

Ship looks like to be Na players using JP server before it was the ship used to be English speaking on JP servers. With PC realease it was sure that it will be congested cause of newcomers in PSO2 who ignored that fact.

Right now it's an issue even if ship 1 and 3 are normaly populated. Need at last to join the server to transfert characters. Maybe adding this service out of the game on a the website could be a great idea. (i know we have to paid for it in AC) just like blizard have done it.