What if we had a dedicated app to this game

I was wondering if we can have a dedicated app for PSO2. As in having the app connect to our game and use it on our iOS and Android devices. We can use it to communicate when we are away from our PC and things like that. Not really associated with Xbox but as dedicated to the game with additional features to enhance the players' experience. I don't know but just a thought...😇

if you mind PSO2 ES for andoid and iOS just like in the JP server ask for a translation link of the oficial app on play store JP https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sega.PhantasyStarOnline2es&hl=en

Will that work with this version of PSO 2 in NA?

For now i dont think pso2 ES will works for NA because it required SEGA ID for the JP version to link it to actual game but if they used MS account linking intead of sega ID it will for sure. just a bit and fast dev to do i think