I'm now getting this error. It was working fine before. I am in ship 2 which is full atm, so I can't get in. I now get this error and it says: "Unable to authenticate PlayID" But when I go back and click ship 2, it just says the server is full. Is this just an issue with the ship? When I click another ship like ship 1 it takes me in right away. So... I'm hoping it's just a server issue.

same , but yeah it full

@XxEnigmaxX11 Okay, thanks for the reply. We'll just have to wait then.

Its not actually full, its broken. There's people inside spamming UQ, which lasted hours already. So yeah...

@MGZero001 OMG I was playing during that time... I was like, when is this going to end? The quest wasn't going away. I figured it was a bug at that point. Do you know if they are fixing it?

2 is down hard, only 9 blocks open and no ability to enter drop ships, per players that were on those blocks when the crash occured.

Nope, they haven't said anything, but the forums were also down for a while, and now they work so they probably are doing something.

i'm really considering to go back to JP

@XxEnigmaxX11 I know right? But finally being able to see English is quite a blessing LOL

i quit pso2 a few months ago cuz i wanted to wait for the NA release ... to bad its getting ruined and probably dies in a good month or 2

@XxEnigmaxX11 If there's a way to move into a new ship in the future, I'll gladly spend a few bucks to actually be able to play the game. I do think it will die down in a little while though. Maybe a few weeks I don't know.

i also gladly transfer ship2 was a mistake , i thought all the people from JP would be in there , not literally everyone playing the game

@XxEnigmaxX11 On the JP version I was on ship 2 so it seemed only right to be on that one... But goddamn were we wrong LOL. Best of luck to you, hope we can get on soon.

guys there are only 10 blocks open on server2 atm the rest shit a brick aka Crashed

@ItsLittyLexi good luck to you to