PSO2 corrupting operating system files

After installing Phantasy Star Online 2, I began to notice inconsistencies in my operating system's performance. As is the correct response, I ran a powershell with administrator privileges with the following commands:

dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth

Which resulted in a success as there was no corruption detected.

Secondly I performed sfc /scannow which found a corruption, repaired it, and I promptly restarted my computer as is the norm after such an operation.

However, now after restarting I have noticed that PSO2's folder is now 13GB smaller and failing to launch, or even uninstall properly. I am aware that the game is currently having issues installing and downloading via the Windows Store, however this is unrelated.

If this game is directly causing inconsistencies in my operating system when the game is not even running there is a severe flaw with this game's code and needs to be corrected immediately.

I did not edit any permissions or files directly, I simply downloaded the game and played as is the normal and intended operation of the software.

This is unacceptable and I hope this reaches a developer capable of preventing further damage to anyone's operating system.

More information on the inconsistencies I mentioned as this is very ambiguous:

Unstable network Taskbar becoming unusable Packet loss Unable to uninstall the game

Nothing else was downloaded or updated during this time, the fault of the inconsistency lies solely with PSO2

The fault lies solely with Microsoft. This kind of problem only happens if there is already a problem in your OS. Microsoft is notorious for releasing flawed updates that can corrupt their own files and settings. This with its download from MS Store just revealed the problem with your particular system. Also, if you have updated beyond the current mandatory update for Windows 10, that could have caused the problem, since many people have had issues with the currently optional Windows Update.