I too am experiencing issues after a happy play time for three days. I try to login to Ship 2 where my character is and it states that the block is full but doesn't put me on another block. And then I turned off my game and it won't load the patcher.

I got the feeling that now I have Borderlands for my Switch Lite someone thinks I can't play on My Super Nintendo PC where the game is downloaded to.

And I am not going to go through my computer's files to see if it will fix the program. And I don't want to play on JP anymore because I can now play without needing the PSO2 Tweaker. I am not putting my technology in risk from this.

I want to play on Ship 2 because that is where I like to play.

I never been humiliated in my life like this time. I will patiently wait for Sega to fix it so I can play.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves.