error 602

welp after reinstalling the game after it did not open the game i tried logging in on ship 2 and i got a error 602.... i am upset that this happened and i have no idea how to fix it....

im also getting a 602 error...

Not sure if this is related but were you guys in your Personal Quarters when you logged out or got kicked?

Same here. I just got disconnected and after trying to get in got error 602. Also ship 2.

I got disconnected last night in the casino. So I stayed off my Pc till the morning. tried getting back into Ship 2 and erroring. But I can get into ship 3 just fine

I guess it happens after error 614(server is full)... Why everyone went for ship 2?

I've also got this problem just now as well. Been googling around trying to find a solution but haven't had any luck. I'm also on Ship 2, and while joining ship 1 and 3, its perfectly fine.

@WinterGarlic760 yeah.... thats me as well

@WinterGarlic760 i can join ship 1 and 3 also this would have not happened if they did not put it on the ms store

Also receiving the 602 error, guessing that it's related to a full ship. Even on the ship, I had to wait 5 hours and 43 minutes to get on my block with my team yesterday. Don't expect to be able to log in until at least 9 pm est, aka when some unsuspecting people have to go eat dinner. Even then, don't expect to be on your alliance block until after midnight eastern. That... or buy premium.

For real... at this point. judging by the way Ship 4 and 6 are under maintenance, maybe give us a free transfer or something. Definitely RNG picking ship 2 out of 1 2 3 was a bad idea. I got premium too 😞

Ya me to 😢

@WinterGarlic760 i have premium too and i have a team on ship 2....

@thunderman1155 im also premium. I should let us join the premium blocks at least