Can't accept friend invite to party

Me and my partner (who live in the same house) cannot seem to figure out how to accept one another to be in a party together. We got through the tutorial and are in the Main Lobby. We can invite each other (It says successfully invited to party). We are not muted (I had him muted before and it gave me unable to invite error, that has been resolved). However, after we invite each other I see nothing that says to accept invite. I went to the "Party Control" screen (i think that is what it is called) and I see something for disabling invites (it isn't checked) and a thing to set up a party, but nothing to accept the invite that he sent me. The same happens to him if I invite him. "Join Party" at the top is greyed out, but i'm not even sure if i'm looking at the right spot at this point. How we invited each other:

  1. We are in the same district or instance or whatever (we can see each other running around).
  2. We go to friends list.
  3. We click on each other and go to "invite to party"
  4. It says we invited each other.
  5. Other person see's no notice or any option on screen or in any menu (that we've found) to accept invite.
  6. Eventually we get noticed that the invite was cancelled (seems like it times out).



This same thing is happening to me as well: in the same area as a friend, try to invite to party. There is a message on my screen that the invite is sent but they never have an option to join. They can invite each other but not my character. I also eventually see the "invite was cancelled" message.

Help is super appreciated!

I'm having this issue as well.

I verified that we're on the same block. We were standing next to each other. I would invite my friend and he would not receive a notification. He would invite me and I would not receive a notification.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

@Ghibli326 I found that there was an issue with my Xbox account. That there was a setting under privacy an security that was causing me to not be able to give or accept party invites. This thread helped me out

Let me know if this helps.