I think at this rate we can say Ship 2 is officially busted

I'm also getting the ID AUTHENTICATION Failure as well, sega needs to fix the server this blows 😕

Yeah, I was playing then it froze so I had to dashboard. Since then I cant login because of full server and not being able to resolve my player Id

Just keep trying, after 10 min it finally let me in.

@xl-Badger-lx750 said in I think at this rate we can say Ship 2 is officially busted:

Just keep trying, after 10 min it finally let me in.

it's still busted for me

I can't get in either they need to increase the capacity of the queue server. Also they need to enable auto-afk boot that alone is not helping the situation.

Fix ship 2 sega!

And give us ship transfer while you're at it

i accidently went to my personal quarters forgetting that it will remove you from the block you are in, and now i can't get back into ship 2 at all 😞

This post is deleted!

It's stupid that I cannot get into ship 2 because evidently EVERY PC user decided to join it instead of spreading out. Nice to see my premium going to waste due to the PlayID error and it being the only ship of the three full. If they couldn't bother to add more ships at PC launch they should have enabled transfers at the very least.

Only reason i went ship 2 is my friends were already on it, other than that i probably would have chosen another

see I had no idea ship 2 would be this popular cause i stayed in the dark from PSO2 ever since we didn't get it back in 2012, i only joined it cause everyone said that was the one to go to...now i almost regret joining that ship

Not actually blaming anybody (except those in charge who underestimated the influx of new players and whoever decided not to at least open ship 4) it's just weird to have your ship be mostly empty except the first 3 blocks before the fateful maintenance then WHAM full capacity.

I played on jp for a bit but then my password needed changing and i couldn't be bothered to do the capcha again so i said to meh and went on hoping i'd get to play it in the us someday. And like I said, I only joined 2 because friendship.