Most common things my group encountered during the BETA thus far:

►Freezing in mid combat-
It would look like our games crashed and freeze for a few seconds. Longest was maybe 4 seconds then everything would be running again. Someone times we'd be still to the others watching each other.. Or my favorite we'd be running off into the distance aggro'ing the entire planet lol. On rare occasions the freezing will dashboard someone to the home screen.

►Client orders not workign for everyone at times- So some of these basic, I guess tutorial ones re did from Afrin would work for some of us and then not for others. Example would be setting stuff to your PA and Techniques... this drove us crazy. One person would do it and literally explain it step by step so another would copy it. And it wouldn't work. But! Randomly hours later it confirmed it done lol.

►Combat sync is off... a lot... So as a Ranger/Gunner/Braver ..We tend to snip out stuff before the melee based members of our group could get to said target. Those with rang damage is doing their thing in the back-lines where the melee members are virtually attacking air. The some times look like they're attacking a wall most times. We'd always laugh about it and ask what they were doing but they would insist they were attacking the same enemy.

►Field of view... needs work... So the radar at the top right get hard to make out depending on your color. The emergency indication on the radar ALSO gets hard to make out. So why not rely on whats just in front of you right? Some times we don't load fast enough for others to visually see us that we tend to run past each other.. a lot. Some of us fancy ballers have huge TVs and others have small ones so certain things don't catch everyone's eyes. This is not at all a major thing but its annoying when you're trying to rally up and someone walks past ya because of stuff loading or a lag spike.

This is the most common thing that we ran into a whole lot playing all day virtually on Saturday Feb 8th. 2 of us were on the XBox S and the rest of us were on XBox One. We all had the same problems we narrowed down as a super frequent issue above.

Thank you PSO/SEGA/JIM CARRY. Hopefully we can just continue playing when the "CLOSED" beta period ends or at least not wait long to play again.