Can not enter ship 2, because it’s full??

I can’t log into my ship, which is ship 2, because it’s “full?!” -_- wth?? Is anybody else having this problem?

Because it's full you dumbarse

I'm logged in and there's only 9 blocks up right now.

@aL33t7926 I know that obviously sherlock-_-, but it’s ridiculous, cause this is the ship I’ve been playing in and now it’s not letting me in, because it’s full. That’s not right. This shouldn’t be a problem. I shouldn’t have a problem to play the game.

@aL33t7926 This was never an issue until now, so stop with the dumb answers.

@Potatocat said in Can not enter ship 2, because it’s full??:

@aL33t7926 This was never an issue until now, so stop with the dumb answers.

Players not being able to enter has always been an issue.

Yea its full and I can't log in right now either.

@Potatocat Sorry I didn't understand what Full means in your language. But in the enrish lango it means no more can get in.

@Silvanthis No, logging into the ship because it is "full" hasn't been an issue until now. Different reasons why they can't log in? Of course.

As I stated above there's only 9 blocks out of 130+ up right now. Nobody's getting in. I'm in the lobby and cannot even run a quest. Blocks 001, 012, 037, 063, 064, 101, 117, 127, and 135 are the only blocks up.

The game is undergoing maintenance - It looks like they're enabling other ships, just wait for a bit

alt text

@Demiture I just wish they'd say something if that was the case. The silence is so frustrating.

@Potatocat I agree, surprised that there's not even a tweet about it, or an in-game notifcation; but people just need to give them a bit of time to sort these problems out - There are a lot more people in the game than they anticipated for, since the game is only supposed to be out in NA, but people from other regions have just changed their PC regions to get access themselves.

@Potatocat I agree, I hope they fix it soon.

Opening new ships only fix the 50% of the actual problems at this moment. If they open new ships, give everyone a " ship transfer " + fix the PC horrible launch, then everything will be fine.