FIX for Not Starting after GameGuard

Gameguard has conflict issues with the audio program Nahimic 2. Exit Nahimic 2 from your task bar to prevent GameGuard from torpedoing PSO2 on startup.

Edit: Disabling similar audio programs if you don't have Nahimic 2 ( e.g. Alienware fx) has also helped others

I'm bumping this so others can see. Doing this seems to have helped a lot of people in the other places I've posted it

Just checked, this post fixed my issue 100%, Thanks!!!

Holy Crap! I've been installing and uninstalling both PSO2, Tweaker, and other related Xbox apps, repeatedly. Playing with different settings, file permissions, scouring boards... since launch... and all I had to do was disable AlienwareFX AND Alienware Sound Center.

I tried just disabling AlienwareFX, but it wouldn't launch until I disabled Alienware Sound Center as well.

This was a beautiful find. Thank you so much!

I uninstalled Tweaker, deleted the game, reinstalled it through Microsoft Store, then disabled AlienwareFX and Alienware Sound Center, and the game launches through Microsoft Store with no issues.