Unable to authenticate play ID

No 602. After changing play ID. I can't get further. Anyone knows how to solve?

I'm also having same issue as OP... I was playing fine the last 2 days.

This is also doing it to me right now on ship 2 wich is weird cuz it will let me play on ship 1

That probably means Ship 2 got crashed.

same problem, i was able to download, install and create my character on ship 2, two days ago when the game launch but after the game failed to launch after several re installations I am finally able to play it again but NOW when i try to log into the character i created previously i am getting a No[602] error telling me that its unable to authenticate play ID and that I should check my play ID and enter them again... but as you said I AM able to play on another ship and I am also able to see when i check 'Where's my character" in character selection options I see that its on ship 2. Please help.

@ondje I'm gunna guess ragna is correct and the ship serve crashed with all the people so I'd just try again later it's also the only serve sayin full right now for me

I think an easy fix to this would be to allow us to freely move characters between ships because ship2 seems to be constantly full or close to it whenever I log on. Dunno why everyone goes for ship 2 lol.

@OGChemoSabe due to mostly people who played on the jp servers went there and when the na servers were there friends will be there so they went with them

same problem, playing since beta, now can't log in even though I was just playing 10 minutes ago, can log in on other ships though.

@Ragnawind I think you're right. I only get this error trying to connect to Server 2.

Another soul suffering from the unable to authenticate Play ID Srsly tho, this game looks like its going to have a support service worst than Nexon, if it's going to be like that they won't last a year.

Mmmmk I really hope they find a way to let us move our characters around. I've got over 100 hours on ship 2....... I'm not starting over.

This is the first time I've had it happen no issues until they flooded the servers with all the pc players they should have had them go to servers 4,5,6 instead

@Alteredmonk Yeah, it booted me lol.

supposed to have extra slots for premium, apparently not enough. just have to try later