Rainyan | Mag Device

How do you get the Rainyan | Mag Device? I’ve completed the bingo card is there another one coming soon, or did I miss something important?

@ShadowWolf-2257 Rainyan is likely to be a reward for the [back] side of the Wind & Rain Bingo. I guess the new bingo will become available in a week or two.

Was wondering the same thing, I completed the front and was like WHERE IS IT?! Thank you. 🙂

Ah, I thought the mag evolution reward was different for everybody.

Does anyone have any pictures of Rainyan looks like? I have been searching and just cannot find one.

Rainyan is cute. 21-06-2020_04-53-39-aoltk3w5.jpg Mag color is based on the color of character outfit/outerware. 21-06-2020_04-55-57-uwkzt3hb.jpg

Teru Teru Rappy is ... Rappy fans would love it? 19-06-2020_03-14-33-cltestvq.jpg