What level did you guys get to?

Got to 27 ranger went though most of the story quests and didnt realy focus much on leveling. I alway find the story fascinating.

@Silentdecaye I skipped the main story during beta since I was told if you want the story in a better form watch the anime.

Whelp got my TeHu to 33/22 before the servers went down. Now to stare at the title screen until open beta.

I think I got to 32 gunner.. I uhh... didn't pick my sub-class yet >_<

@GamerKillance I got to 41 too 🙂 I’ve gotta say, those Client Orders help a bunch.

I got to 46 techter and 29 Hunter and 15 force... I though i wanted to be firce but techter has my heart.

Summoner 26. I honestly, wish I stayed up longer to play but the need to sleep was winning. I missed so many of the events, and missed the concert too.

Made it to 51and then enjoyed the last hour in the casino!

Got to Bouncer 53 / Hunter 43. I also got full 10* units and a 13* weapon. I am more than ready for the OBT

@Sylus same lol, was gone all day Saturday so that was a big chunk of time gone. Still made it to 28 however but i'm not worried. If everything is basically the same as PC which it seems like so far , I can just power level to max in a day or so. That'd take the fun out of it though haha

I managed to get to lvl 55 during the extension! OBT is gonna get crushed >:D

I got 48 Forcer and 31 Techter, I think that's pretty decent progress. I also got to re-experience the story again!

I got up to 25, I think, Force only, since I only cleared the second of the two things required for getting a sub. Spent a lot of time in the extension doing story.

I reached lvl 25, but I wasn't too focused on leveling my character and only played on Saturday.

I only managed o get 34/19 with Br/Hu.... wasn't able to play on Sunday very much due to my character being restricted on everything for unknown reasons. So I couldn't do much