Odd encounters

Phantasy Star Online 2 Client Closing when programs such as obs is in use.


  • Open OBS/SLOBS as Admin
  • Use Game Capture (Once obs picks up the image)
  • Close obs (this closes the game)

This might have something to do with GameGuard.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Client messing with Brave Internet browser


  • Open Brave web browser
  • Start PSO2

Watch the magic happen. Makes the web browser unusable

Update: Xsplit GameCaster stream widgets trigger Nprotect gameguard. And closes the game.


  • Ctrl+Tab
  • Click on the add widget tab

Will tigger Error code Np 1014

Seems I don't have this problem. But I use vanilla OBS Studio (64bit) with no plugins, scripts, or extras. Latest version.

alt text