Game doesn't start after clicking the icon

Whenever I try to start up the game the icon darkens and then never opens.

alt text

Is there a fix for this? The only thing I've been able to do is restart my computer over and over to try and fix it.

[edit1] Restarting my computer hasn't worked still. I can't even figure out where the game was installed to try and manually start the patcher.

This is due to a problem related with the MS Store not being able to communicate with the game files properly, it thinks it doesn't exist anymore. You have the classic case of what is happening to many of us. Basically your only option is to get rid of the files.

Ick. One update here. The game was in a horrible state where all of the following did NOT respond or work:

  • start menu -> rightclick PSO2 -> uninstall
  • start menu -> rightclick PSO2 -> app settings -> repair, reset, uninstall (all did not work)
  • control panel -> uninstall or remove a program (PSO2 isn't even listed here. why?)
  • control panel -> apps -> PSO2 -> uninstall
  • file explorer -> navigate to C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps -> delete pso2_bin (failed because I don't have permissions to edit the files despite being the admin user. why?)

I left my computer alone for 5 hours and the game was gone when I came back. This is just...I've never had this problem with a game before.

@CNJL I’ve posted this a couple a times today since I was having similar issues and also was losing HDD space as has been noted else where in other threads since game launch with attempts to uninstall/reinstall game when it was not launching anymore on the following day.

I did not use powershell or anything myself to fix/workaround the problem I had (which I think has been described by others regarding

I myself was able to install/run the game twice without issue after it came out on the MS store on 5/27, but trying to run the game again after turning off the computer once lead to nothing happening I only did the permission assigning stuff manually in windows to remove the old 120GB+ of game date.

Last night I had noticed my desktop/Windows system was still logged into my main microsoft account and thought that was related to the specific issues I I logged out from my MS account in the system settings/account page in Windows 10 and just behaved like a local user again. I downloaded PSO2 new again yesterday night, launched and played for a few hours, turned off my computer afterwards. Today after rebooting my computer I can launch PSO2 without any issues (and connect/play), which the only thing I have changed myself was not being logged into my microsoft account through Windows anymore (I did login to the Xboxlive service once the game was running for my characters and such, but that of course did not affect my computer still behaving as a local user in Windows). Hopefully that is a little clearer.

Unfortunately the only effective installation method for me was through Arks-Layer since it's the only program I can trust to reliably set file ownership right (not MS store, not myself, not 3rd party software I've never heard of or used before).

And fixing in-game lag was only possible by doing the silly rename-exe-as-launcher trick. Grr.