AC getting sent to my xbox account and not PC

So I have an Xbox account pso2 that my sons plays on. I also have this PC account I play on. I figured if I ordered through my PC on the Windows app it would go to my PC account and if i ordered via the Xbox it would go there. Alas this is not the case. Every time I order AC it just goes straight to the Xbox account. It's rather frustrating and I see no option to select the destination. The lack of bag space is ruining the game for me atm, and I would love to know how I might be able to ensure it goes to my PC account and not Xbox.

I am in the same boat, AC got into wrong account. Were you able to move them or are you stuck with unusable AC?

I am still waiting a response from either Microsoft support or Pso2 support ( it's unclear who's in charge of this ).

@FatedKeiryu I let my sons use it and didnt reorder.

Also have this problem. Been on the phone for 15 minutes... not sounding good.

Well,couldn't you just log in the Xbox version and use it there?

I did the same thing, thats our fault for NOT double checking what account windows store is signed into on the PC :<