[Ship 3] Intemperance recruiting AU/US timezone players!

Alliance Name: Intemperance

Alliance Level: 5

Playtime: Random? We're mostly Aussies right now, but we have night and day workers.. so we end up in US time A LOT.

Hiya, we're 4 players new to PSO2 and are looking for more people interested in progressing, learning and playing with us on a daily basis! We tend to have a more casual/fun mindset with an unhealthy enjoyment towards grinding.

We are currently averaging level 40-50 and are climbing quite fast, but it can get boring only having a few friends to hang out with/chat in discord so we would like some more! We currently have 6 members with more joining from our FFXIV community daily.

Comment below, or message me @ Yellow on Ship 3, I would be happy to answer any other questions you have.

A bump is in order, since we're now Alliance Level 5! (We got it a few days ago I just forgot..)