[Ship 1] Gekkostate - New players, social discord, working through this together!

[June 9th Update]

Hey there!

As of today we are still actively leveling and playing. We have 17 members and most of us are at 75 or almost there and starting to gear up for the endgame grind. We are still going to be a casual focused play-when-you-can and hangout guild so we still want to stress that there aren't any requirements for participation and if you have a schedule where you're playing other games or need time off you'll fit right in with us 🙂

The best way to reach us/myself is via Discord. I feel like the whisper in game either gets overlooked on accident or doesn't quite work properly. You don't have to join us on discord or anything either it's just the best way to get a hold of me

Fans of the series, about 6 of us have founded the Gekkostate and have begun our climb to the endgame! Everyone is new and still about mid level (40s) learning everything and helping eachother. We are usually on early to mid afternoon ET/CT. The schedule will vary on the weekends so this is def a guild that you can come in and casually hangout and grind through without worry about strict guidelines on participation.

We have a Discord gaming community where a lot of us hangout and talk PSO 2 (as well as some other games), please hit me up below and we would love to have you!!

[Currently Alliance level 4]

in game: BIEN
Discord: bien#0753

If you are all still LF members i'll join. Tried whispering in game but in all honesty, I have no idea wtf i'm doing w/ the chat systems.

IGN: Rephalus Chr Name: Luca

(IDK how any of this works)