Equipping Harmonizer

So I obtained the harmonizer for my subclass Summoner, but I can't equip it for some reason... my current TEC Power is 268, so I actually can't figure out why. Help much appreciated 😄

Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_2.png

@Niklas12334 Summoner must be your main class to equip harmonizer weapons. In the future, there will be one which can be equipped by all classes, but currently in NA, you have to be Summoner main.

@Fiona-Respha ah thanks for the answer, but how am I supposed to use summoner as a subclass then ?

Main class defines what weapon a character can wield. The "Harmonizer" you've listed can only be equipped by Summoner class, this means your main class must be Summoner. But in the future, they'll most likely to introduce a harmonizer weapon which can be equipped by all classes. With this harmonizer weapon, we can set any class as the main class and Summoner as the sub class.

Please don't ask me when it will be introduced. Only dev knows. 😲

@Fiona-Respha so summoner subclass is just not a thing ?

Currently, not.

@Fiona-Respha sry for abusing this post, but you seem to know stuff about the game... can you tell me why I cant equip that Calibur?

Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_4.png

@Niklas12334 If your main class is Hunter, you would be able to equip it. Sword is a Hunter weapon.

To know about the classes which can equip the weapon, you can press "Q" to show the 2nd tab of the item details. On that tab, there's a detailed equipping conditions info. There will be a red sword icon there, meaning Hunter can wield that weapon. Yes, you must know the red icon means Hunter class first...

Honestly, I don't feel these class icons are very intuitive 😆