Braver/Hunter question about stances. I am a newbie.

As far as I know, they simplified the toggle for stances wherein you activate the stances by using the other stance, my question is if i am using Fury stance, that means i put the guard stance on my sub pallete, Does this mean i am using guard stance as my passive stance? and when i click on it it will put me into fury stance? or does it mean, i am using fury stance as my passive stance and by clicking on guard stance in my guard pallete, it will actually put me into guard stance?

and another question is, braver also has 2 conflicting stances, precision stance and basic stance.

can i stack Fury stance together with basic stance to get both stance bonuses from braver skill tree and hunter skill tree?

sorry for my bad english

Fury is always the passive stance, and Guard must always be activated.

You can use the Stances from both classes in combination with each other with no conflict, so you can do Fury/Basic, Fury/Precision, Guard/Basic, or Guard/Precision just by activating/deactivating the Stances.