Official PSO2 Discord when?

@Tarkus I'd have to disagree.

Sure, we can get very out of hand at times and I think if a Discord were made, they should have heavy rules and moderation to counter this. And with the game being rated M, that should be expected by anyone entering a Discord for this game at this point so I don't think that sounds necessarily be a reason not to make it. And there are plenty of other games that have explicit content but have officially supported Discords.

You're wrong in saying that true fans won't be using it and spending time playing the game instead. Discord is already heavily used as a tool alingside the game to connect and find players to play with. This is literally true for almost any popular PC game out there. Also, if Discord wasn't relevant, than alliances in this game wouldn't be using them as their main hub for members to communicate. With just how widely used and accepted Discord is nowadays throughout any game, I think your second point is misguided.

All communications mediums are the same in the good, the bad, and the ugly sense. From an organization/marketing growth stand-point it would be almost I would dare say foolish to not have an official discord. Forums, however shiny sleek and new looking, are very 90s. Right lockstep up there with IRC.

Its all very early still. And cleary we and PSO2 Team can get along well enough here for now. But these forums won't scale or be manageable over time. And if the search function as a good as others they'll be all but a useless morasse of unfindable infomormation you forgot to bookmark when you first saw something.

My concern is with the F2P model the these forums will outlast the game. Because F2P games don't typically lend themselves to long term development and sustainment. And by long term I mean 2-3yrs+. ;0 ;~( ..I want desperately to be wrong about that. I've quite literall waited almost 20yrs for this specific game to happen.

o/ 😉