Official PSO2 Discord when?

I'd love to see an official PSO2 Discord NA (by the dev team of course) I know there's a ton of fan made Discords but one ran by the devs for instant news would be really good.

Of course my highest suggestion here for the Dev team if they decide to do this is

  • Post all announcements with a brief description of the update → then the website post link
  • Area for LFG and Alliance Recruiting
  • Ship specific chats including, general, trading, possibly UQ alerts, and server time at the top
  • Spoiler chat, for all of the Veteran players to discuss meta and to not ruin the experience for new players
  • Story chat of course
  • Fashion and outfits Post your suggestions if you'd like to see specific things in the Discord (if they make one)

Regardless if they make a Discord with the UQ alerts, wiki, information, and more there's going to be fan made ones, so I'd love to have an official source for all my Discord needs.

I would assume they could when they launch NA on PC during OB or launch. It would make sense to support PC players with it.

@Sylus Right, lmao. I'll be maining on PC myself. I thought I'd just bring up the discussion and pop up some suggestions for the team once / if they decide to make it.

Also I wish Discord would release an app on Xbox so XBL players can experience Discord as well.

Looking forward to it 😄

Yes. I hope very much for an official Discord as well. And also have it be an XBox App as well!


o/ =^.^=

I know someone made an unofficial Discord Xbox App that's on the store but it is almost non-functional.

@Sylus Yeah I tried it out when D2 came out, it's pretty shifty at best. I'd prefer to wait for Discord themselves to release an app. I mean they already support Xbox on the PC client, I don't see why we haven't seen an app yet.

I agree Microsoft need and official app on Xbox system for discord.

Oh god no please

You can join our NA Discord community for the time being!

Just made one feel free to join and invite

Thank you both for the offer, I'm just waiting on an official one. PSO2 (JP), and Phantasy Star Fleet are the two biggest community servers, most people just blackhole in to those since NA devs haven't made a move yet.

Yeah, an official one would be a much better resource for newer players than a man-made Discord.

Eliminates moderator biases and ensures users get what they expected out of the Discord.

@Bashea is this not Official PSO2 Discord