Fixed everything, but game does not start

Hey there!

So I had a lot of issues with the game (like most people) but managed to fix them all one by one, mostly through permission edits. I finally managed to see "download complete" and I thought all my efforts were worth it!

But guess what? The game doesn't launch no matter what. Nothing happens, the game isn't even in the taskbar. I checked this thread here but it was not successful and actually, it made it worse because the folder got "reset" so I had to redo the permission thing all over again.

So I wanted to know if anyone had that issue, and if so how did they fix it. Thanks!

guess we have to wait for the Officials to come up with a solution like somethink like what i had posted here

Or the Arks-Layer team with a work around solution for even the ppl who cant even download the Launcher from the shit store : /

@TbnExotia it's not really useful, sorry. At least if you had uploaded the files to share if it helped you, instead of just speculating on it. Unless if downloading from someone else still didn't work for you?

While I do agree that I'd have prefered a direct client download, they did it through the Microsoft Store for "exclusive" purposes... Kinda greedy and badly done.

i have absolut no problems if i use a external lauchner. Start, patch, delete no problems only the shit store connection prevents me to play the game : / maybe microsoft can help me with my 0x8007065E code, if i can catch one in their chat xD

@TbnExotia Could you send me your external launch please?

@Blazh here the link for the launcher but it wont do anything : / you can start, patch, delete end even start the game but you cant login into the game if you dont have the launcher downloaded from the sthit store : /

@TbnExotia oh LOL so it's useless then. Maaaaaan, fuck this Microsoft Store crap... Thanks for the input though!

I'll try this thread hopefully it could work.