Suggsetion for all issues

@GM-Deynger Maybe this is a solution for the Problems. I can't download the Launcher from the store cuz i get code: 0x8007065E and nothing helps to fix this so i asked if someone can upload the files from the Launcher and share the download link. Lucky, someone did it and i could download the launcher this way and there was no problem at all. i can, start, update, delete and start the game without issues. The only thing what prevents me from playing was the "Press enter to start the game" screen cuz there was no Acc. loged in. On my site, i was loged in here on the site, on my X box companion app, on the Xbox site itselfe but ingame there was "No User" "Tab" for acc. switch didn't work. so here my suggsetion for a solution.

1st Why not put the Launcherfiles direkt on your site to download it direktly like other sites too where you can download the installer like Tera or Blade and Soul or what ever?

2nd. give us a normal login method like other games and not a store connection thing what ever this is. Accountname/Emailadress Password [ ] [ ]

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fix for all = Create account on your site, download launcher from your site, login into the game whit acc. which was created on your site..... and nothing like this with a store connection cus i spent 5.5 hours with Co-workers from Mircrosoft to fix my problem and i got 4 diffrent supporter and no one of them could fix my issue with the shit store so just go with my suggsetion... Visit your site and create an account download launcher from your site log into the game with the acc. + password which was created on your site!!!! the normal way like other games too !!! Oh and i hope, if there at any point a fix, that ALL who couldnt login while skilltree resettickets were handed out, get these tickets afterwards.

Hi! Thank you for the suggestion. I know the issues that are happening are frustrating and for that we sincerely apologize. Please know that we are forwarding all of the players feedback and suggestions to the relevant department. Please bear with us.