Techter main - Force main too....


i want a char that can play all the "tech" classes (force , techter , su ..)

was working on techter however looking at force buils all butcher techter wand skills and whatnot

is there a way to play all tech classes to the max ?

cant edit but after digging a bit looks like phantom as sub fix TE stats issues , but what about Force? can u play

FO/PH with a dex mag?

When Phantom comes out, yes, you can play Fo/Ph with a DEX Mag. It is very similar to a Fo/Fi build as it relies primarily on using Lightning Techs.

@AndrlCh I'm trying to do te/su but I cant seem to use a harmonizer do you know why

@SayKassandra Unfortunately, we do not yet have any All-class Harmonizers, so for now Pets are only usable if Summoner is your main class.

@AndrlCh Thankiesss ill stick with tech/fi

You can purchase multiple skill trees and mags with AC so you can follow whatever builds you want. Make sure to save your loadouts for each class combo at the skill trainer, too. It'll make it a lot easier to switch between them.