Purple Flower Blooming in the Rain

Does anyone have tips on completing this client order? I can't seem to find Frog Rappies anywhere. I remember seeing them when I first started the game during the initial Windows 10 launch but now when I go in quests all I see are regular Rappies. It's really bugging me because it's the last mission I need to complete my Bingo card. ^^;

Edit: I also got confused because the news post about the May events says all Rappies will be Frog Rappies, but it wasn't the case for me.

I'll just toss something out here, unsure if it''l apply or not. But if you have acess to material storage, and automatically send to material storage on. It should've gone there, I only just found this out this morning. Just tossing you a heads up about it, heck you might've fixed the problem yourself already.

@elecang Frog Rappies can appear on any field, but they are a rare enemy, so you can go a while without seeing one. They replace all the regular rare Rappies, but not the Sylvant Nav Rappies. You can usally have a bit more luck finding them in Advanced Quests since you can get a higher Rare Enemy Appearance Rate effect in them.

@AndrlCh Thanks for the clarification. I ended up running into some during an Urgent Quest and that helped me complete the mission. ^^; Good to know for future reference that they appear randomly.

What I did was just send my Auxiliary out for the mission ^^; She ended up bringing back like 14 of them.

I gave it to my auxiliary to do, took it an hour, didn't have to lift a finger.