IMPORTANT READ THIS!!! 100% Fix that works PSO2 Tweaker Can solve your Problems It worked for me and many others. (NEW!! WITH VIDEO FROM Stone Legion - Let's Play)

@EienRozen you can´t log-in cause of the fact that, there is no user ID in it and you can´t enter your data.

incorrect function.jpg Well that´s the furthest I can go in this debacle. Only way to get the launcher from MS-store is to run Tweaker and all the troubleshooting without having the files. THEN MS-Store lets me download the PSO2 Launcher.. But, when I got the files, this is the end of the road for me..

Its so frustrating to have been waiting on a game for YEARS and all this happens... And I really feel how alot of people just have given up and moved on to different games.

@EienRozen You still log in through the microsoft store.

Ark (tweaker creators) guys are working on bypassing the store.

Also, using tweaker does not protect you from the autonuke bug.

Damn autonuke bug.. All well one day and completely messed up on the next... 😕

unsure about this tweaker now. It worked for one day now I'm just straight up freezes after the press any key screen.

Edit: don't install the tweaker it breaks your game. Can't even get the game to work after uninstalling tweaker and PSO2, totally screwed now

Make the game great again there for... make the game INDEPENDED from this SHIT STORE!!!! i guess that would fix all problems... but no.. we have to wait another week for a "maybe" solution which will 100% not be a fix in any case -_-

@STAR-15 Not sure what you did, but most reports (including mine) say Tweaker really helpful. It's a shame that doesnt fix autonuke bug.

I also just got the autonuke bug. Tweaker helped so I could finally play, but the game auto-deleted as soon as my computer rebooted.

@Shrynne no idea it was working fine until the menus suddenly disappeared after i hit show desktop. After that the problems started.

When I use the tweaker I get an error saying "another application forced the game to close". I already have both the tweaker and the actual microsoft store game as exceptions in my antivirus (kaspersky). Does anyone know what could be causing this? It happens if I try playing the JP version too with the tweaker as well as launching the game with the actual NA launcher when it decides it wants to run.

from all the negativity and criticism recieved across the world for pc version SEGA should re assuring that their launcher has capability to download and launch the game offcourse microsoft xbox login could be used but -msstore or we can wait for pso2 tweaker to add a launch option but its not possible without SEGA permission.

omg they finally did it pissed off msstore just now updated on

Aida EnnaToday at 1:26 PM Hello @NA! Exciting news! We've developed a way to install the game without involving the Windows Store - This means you can install it from scratch using the Tweaker, anywhere you want and on any drive. This also theoretically fixes the Windows Store nuking it (theoretically, since it sidesteps the issue entirely. We've tested it through numerous reboots, crashes, etc). Happy days! This will install a standalone version of Phantasy Star Online 2 NA \o/

Please note that, for now, you still need the Windows Store installed to launch the game (which is done through Tweaker). We don't know if that will change.

Before we get into the how, let's go over some questions I'm sure you are all going to ask.

Q: Does the Windows Store still think I have the game installed?

A: Yes. You can also launch it through there if you want, as well as leave reviews and ratings because you own the game.

Q: Does this break microtransactions?

A: Nope! I was able to buy 20 SG twice with 0 issues (except for a bit of wait, but that's normal!). You can also login/swap accounts like normal.

Q: Will this fix any Windows Store errors?

A: This will fix the -2147467259: The system cannot find the file specified error and possibly other ones!

Q: I want to just launch the game when I open the Tweaker.

A: You can do that! Just launch the Tweaker with the "-pso2" flag.

A quick tl;dr of the setup instructions for existing installations is available below, and a longer and more in-depth version for new installs is available at (edited)

[1:26 PM] Please note: If you're feeling technically inclined (and lucky!), you can backup your pso2_bin\data\ folder somewhere, then close the Tweaker when it starts patching, paste the data folder into the new install (overwriting the files there), then open the tweaker and force it to check again. However, a fresh install (not copying any files from the store install) is highly recommended so that you don't run into dumb permission issues.

Please note that, although this has been tested numerous times, there's always a chance something can go wrong. Hop over to #na-tech-support if you can't get something working, and we'll sort you out!

  1. Update your Tweaker to

  2. Reset the Tweaker settings by going to Tweaker Settings -> Reset. Once it reopens, follow the directions to install NA. (Hit no to the guide, then select "I don't have PSO2 installed", then select "NA".) !!!Do not install PSO2 into the ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin\ folder!!!

  3. Follow the directions until the program restarts and starts to patch.

  4. Enable Developer mode in Windows 10 - This is required to install the game and link it to the Windows store

  5. Once it finishes patching, download this file: Put it in your PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 folder (not your pso2_bin folder, the one above it!). Right click it and select "Run with powershell". It may prompt you about changing a policy - Just hit Y. Wait until it says "Fixes complete!", then press any key.

  6. Rename your Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin folder just to make sure it doesn't try to launch from there for some reason.

  7. Hit "Start PSO2" and enjoy!

Optional final steps: 7) Turn developer mode back off (It's only needed for the initial install/linking) 😎 Clean up all the old Windows Store folders and junk data on your computer and get that space back! \o/

if this works, then we all should buy AC from Aida if he/she had a store for it instead form the store cuz aida cares about the fans like someone else here xD They deserve the money and support for their work.

Update from my side.... IT WORKS !!!! :`) i cant belive it....

Might as well use the Tweaker guys. I've been using it for the past 2 days. Plus you can launch the game from it as well.

The PSO2 Community does a better job than MS anyways. MS might as well hire these guys to fix their messed up errors.