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@TbnExotia I dont think this will work. I bet you cant log in this way. Cause the login is still bound to the MICROSOFTSTORE page.

I was right to place my hopes in the Tweaker team and not in Sega's launcher, once more!

@DeeGeeGee well i'll see if it works otherwhise i will never be able to play the game 😞

@TbnExotia I think it will not work. Plz dont be angry if it does not work. The ARK-LAYER Team works hard to find away around the MSSTORE.


@DeeGeeGee yeah i wont expect nothing but worth a try. And in my opinion... if the Arks layer team can even fix the shit store problem i would suggest that all the money which allready put in the purchases in this shit goes to them. Cuz they saved the game not the officials : (

so i installed the launcher frome someelse cuz i cant download it from the shit store... i installed the tweaker, created a Pso_bin and the tweaker launcher started but yep it needs this shit from shit store connection v.v hope these guys can solve this problem too.

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@QuarkMark Thank you i didn't saw that folder xD my fault. I hope that will work now. fingers cross

@TbnExotia I told you. For people like you we only can hope the ARKS-LAYER TEAM finds away around that dumpsterfire of "store"! SEGA and MICROSOFT should be ashamed that some "amateurs" are needed to fix their shit and they do it for free.

We should all support them for their great work:

And dont give any money to SEGA and MICROSOFT until they fixed the Game.

@Muleck4694 I hope it will work for you. If it works say thanks to the ARKS-LAYER TEAM. They saved your day not SEGA or MICROSOFT.

@DeeGeeGee I followed the update method but when tweaker start file check it crash.

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@Muleck4694 said in PSO2 Tweaker Can solve your Problems:

@DeeGeeGee I followed the update method but when tweaker start file check it crash.

Maybe a .NET Framwork Problem The tweaker requires at least the .NET Framework 4.6.2 to run in Windows. You can grab the installer for that here:

@DeeGeeGee Thank you, now it started the downloading. 😄 So if it finished it, i just close the tweaker and run the game from the store?