so... login in to wont make any popup appear like some people talk about. I disabled my adblocker and all anti-popup possible. enabled cookie, accepted the cookie from the bottom left corner of the website. but I AM logged in with my microsoft account. knows my device, i am logged in, permanently., I am logged in, and I checked the box for everyone's creation thingy. recognize I played and launched the game the game refuse to see me "NO USER"

pressing TAB wont do anything pressing ENTER wont do anything either.

I tried activating xbox gamebar but it wont connect. clicking "connect to xbox" makes absolutely nothing happens. Be it from social, options or anything inside gamebar. in windows setting, I activated the gamebar as well. my xbox connection from my windows setting (Xbox networking)says it's working fine.... except it's blocked in server connectivity. everything else in OPEN and Connected.

Xbox companion doesnt seem to do anything when launched. not even in serviced or the task manager. Gaming service doesnt do anything when launched either.

So PLEASE someone tell me EXACTLY what is needed to log in to the game. EVERY STEP of the way, in details. because right now nothing makes sense to me. I finaly got past every other error (I got them ALL ffs...) after almost non-stop trying since the start of the maintenance right before PC launch. and this is getting really depressing.