Here is the Ultimate Fix how to download and run PSO 2 works 100% for everyone (to Microsoft and Sega)

This post is deleted!

I've done the first step, not intentionally, my microsoft store just broken and it isnt opening... i did waste 2 days trying to install gaming services for then install the game... i'll be waiting for the second step... any reliable stand alone client to be released... The things that i want to say about this store cannot be written here... I just heartfelt desire that someday raises a better and popular OS for personal use/gaming so i can never ever see any microsoft windows money digging content. Good luck and my respect to the community, that has to deal with such a thing.

@DeeGeeGee I need the game to be at least installed in microsoft store and it wasnt installing, it required gaming services and gaming services wasnt installing and right now my store isnt even opening... I think i can restore it and make store to work, but it wont install the game anyway, unfortunately. Thanks anyway. I hope this dedicated community will find an way to by pass this.