FlawlessVictory is Back [Ship 2: Ur]

FlawlessVictory is coming back for PSO2 on Xbox/PC after a brief hiatus following a successful run on PSU for Xbox!

On PSU, our team focused mainly on Time Attack tournaments, efficient farming runs and the overall completion of content with the occasional break for shenanigans. PSO2 will be different content, but we plan to focus on the same things while having fun. FlawlessVictory won't be the largest alliance but will aim to be amongst the best players.

Alliance Name: FlawlessVictory

Ship: 2 Ur

Founding Members:

  • SpawN [Gamertag: BuLLeeTT]
  • Bumblebee [Gamertag: SlyMonkey9]
  • The Robot [Gamertag: The Aminal]

It's been nice to see some familiar PSU names making a comeback as well as some of the experienced JP PSO2 players making the jump - both of which are the type of players we are looking to group up with. Add my Gamertag (The Aminal) to talk more, get our discord info and do some runs. We will be on the beta tonight starting at 8 PM EST if you want to hang out.

@The-Aminal Your supposed to post alliance recruiting messages in the super thread here ^-^ Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!

YOYO is interested.. gamer tag joker levi22BBF0CC-3D89-465C-8929-186331578F8C.jpeg

Glad to see you guys are back!! Most of us PSU vets are on ship 1

@The-Aminal Good to see yall back!

Nice to see you again @The-Aminal ! It's been a long time, I hope you have been well.

Bumping the thread! Things are in full swing, and we are looking for members to start doing end game content with! Send us a message to join

Well, apparently people are happy to have us back! Our alliance is currently full, but we will be happy to put you on a waiting list should you be interested, and if anybody leaves or isnt doing their dailies, we may have a spot for you 🙂 message me on xbox live if youd like on the list! Slymonkey9

Our alliance currently sits as the 3rd ranked alliance on Ship 2, but we have some inactive players we are weeding out and looking to replace with actives. Anybody interested, message GT: The Aminal for details, and we will try our best to get you in!

@Slymonkey9 Would like to join your guild if there is still a chance. Looking to do end game content. Have one class at 75 and working on another at 61.