Anyone else constantly disconnecting?

As the title says, I can't even get through a quest before I'm sent back to the title screen. It has been like this all day and even now during low traffic.

Yeah, I'm having that issue as well. It's probably because of how crowded the servers are. All three are regularly full/crowded, which can make things a bit unstable. Hopefully, they open up some new servers soon to spread out the load a bit.

@Zer0Skillz6616 Okay cool I thought I was the only one because I don't see many people making posts about it. I read somewhere that because of the way PSO2 is set up that for some reason you have to forward your port in order to get a more stable connection. Can anyone confirm this?

@WorthKibbles34 if its Ship 2 then the ship is just broken, Rainy Day UQ lasted hours, now a lot of us are locked out and a lot of people are still in spamming UQ.

All we can do is wait.