Gamefiles deleting them self?!

Hiya'll! Just to put it out here, I used this fix to make my game run last night.

And i were in and it was lots of fun. then I went to bed, woke up, booted up the pc. annnnnnd alot of the game files in the PSO_Bin folder was missing? so now it's forcing me to redownload the ENTIRE GAME again for the literally 10th time. Whats causing this? I have windows defender running. thats my only AV

That's the biggest problem, it seems it's caused by PSO2 being installed in another drive (e.g: D drive), it seems you have to install on C drive, which most people can't. The only workaround is (if you can't move it to C) to backup your pso_bin folder once it's fully downloaded and then replace when it fucks up. Yeah, that's it. If you have installed PSO2 in C drive, then it's another reason, main problem is Microsoft store.

@JWolFR So I'm forced to install the game on c?

It can delete itself even on the C drive, just more common on other drives that the OS isn't on. Either way, get ready to re download it constantly till we stop dealing with the shit store.

Aaaaaaand… be prepared for the game to still gobble up the GBs of space from the missing install even though you have redownloaded it.

@Unie You might if you have space, but if not you can try the pso2 tweaker as it can download the game without downloading the 11gb on the store but with some additional steps, it seems to keep the game from uninstalling. I managed to keep the game from uninstalling by doing some powershell commands that links the game folder to another one, it looks like that works against this issue (at least for me). Sorry if that doesn't help much, I had to download the game twice because of this too, so I feel your pain. Hope you resolved this issue because I'm replying late. Edit: the tweaker can check missing files and download the rest if you know where the game is installed

it deleted mine also for no fuckng reason, awesome bug microsfort fuck you, only way to fix it is to copy the game folder to another place and rar it or place it another HDD if you have more then one, cause it will only look for only deelete one place in c:/folder