CBT PSO2 NA Photon Chair

Hello, Exactly how do you obtain/buy photon chair?


@Pseudovell I would like to know this as well.

@Kindering so far what I have found is you can get it from the FUN shop/store. I'm not sure where that is.

@Pseudovell it's in the game menu. I am guessing it's the scratch offs you can use by spending the fun points you gather.

You purchase them with 2,500 fun points.

In the back of the shopping area to the left. It was to the left of the stage on where the concert was at. Really hidden imo.

@F0XB0MB I fee so dumb... how do you use/equip lol

@F0XB0MB ok scratch that hahaha figured it out. Excuse my low IQ haha thanks

@Pseudovell said in CBT PSO2 NA Photon Chair:

@F0XB0MB I fee so dumb... how do you use/equip lol

For anyone who may come across this via a search engine, you need to go in your inventory, use the item, and then goto Lobby Actions and look for a Photon Chair.