Alliance Overhaul Needed: Collaboration

It's not needed, but it's there in case you want a little extra boost.

Of note, I believe the tree buffs (at least RDR, Exp, and Meseta) are multiplicative, not additive, so they're a bit more potent than you might suspect.

The grind is very broken as well. Have everything to level 6 out of 7 but man is it a grind. I know in Warframe smaller clans get a adjustment on resources to acquire to upgrade, but here whether you have 1 or 100 members costs is always the same.

There are a lot of great points here that NEED to be in game along with alliance or group chat member expansion. There are multiple groups in my ship working with multi alliance systems, myself included, and it's incredibly inefficient without many of these improvements!!!

Does anyone know if any of these improvements have been seen in NGS?

@Strange sorry, can't help there since NGS hasn't come to the USA yet