SEGA: Please increase (or give option) player draw distance in missions, at least for the One X.

This would be nice, it gets pretty frustrating at times.. Often a party member is literally behind you but they're not drawn in.

OR I turn around looking for said party member (who's running towards you playing catch up) , but end up running past them CUZ THEY'RE NOT DRAWN IN yet!

My One X/SSD combo is not being taxed by this game, I should have that option. Pretty Please..

On that note: until we get the QoL improvements of the full release, there's always gonna be that one party member having to stop a moment to shift inventory and play catch-up. Sometimes it's even me...

Me: "Hey Dandy, where u at?"

Dandy: "Sec, moving stuff to storage."

Me: "K, I'm running back towards you"

Dandy: "Bruh, you just ran past me"

Me: ". . . @*#!"

(the above satirical moment was a regular occurence, like almost every mission)

Completely agree with this.. Especially when it is released on PC. The PC draw distance needs a huge increase.

I am trying to support... look at map, see where people are.. run there... never see anyone go past me... get there... they are gone and now back where i was... what? how did? When? Grrrr.....

I see monsters getting hit by invisible people... run there to do some supportin... never see players body load... cast spells any ways.. doesnt feel as good.

Just let me be able to see other players... please...

I would love to know how to increase draw distance