SEGA: Please increase (or give option) player draw distance in missions, at least for the One X.

This would be nice, it gets pretty frustrating at times.. Often a party member is literally behind you but they're not drawn in.

OR I turn around looking for said party member (who's running towards you playing catch up) , but end up running past them CUZ THEY'RE NOT DRAWN IN yet!

My One X/SSD combo is not being taxed by this game, I should have that option. Pretty Please..

On that note: until we get the QoL improvements of the full release, there's always gonna be that one party member having to stop a moment to shift inventory and play catch-up. Sometimes it's even me...

Me: "Hey Dandy, where u at?"

Dandy: "Sec, moving stuff to storage."

Me: "K, I'm running back towards you"

Dandy: "Bruh, you just ran past me"

Me: ". . . @*#!"

(the above satirical moment was a regular occurence, like almost every mission)

Completely agree with this.. Especially when it is released on PC. The PC draw distance needs a huge increase.