Frog Rappy in forest?

So is the frog rappy just a random spawn in the forest exploration? I've ran about a dozen or so, but haven't seen any, and would rather know a head of time that they actually will spawn there or not before i run it a 100 times more haha

Froggy Rappy replaces all normal rare Rappies (not the Sylvant Nav Rappies) in all fields.

Alright thanks. Ill keep farming. It's the last thing for my bingo card lol

Harder difficulties seem to increase the chance of seeing one. Almost never see them in Normal.

you can try to do Advanced Quests. at the end, a teleporter to a bonus area may show. i just went in and found 20 Froggy Rappy. no good loot, though...

can anyone say what exactly is the unique loot we can find?