The game app won't open.

The app won't open after 30 hours of downloading everything i went to the graphics setting changed some stuff hit play game button waited 10mins got nothing restarted computer now the app does nothing won't open to anything get no warnings nor a pop up saying do you want to run this.

Update: decided to reinstall it

Try disabling Nahimic 2 and other similar audio software. GameGuard conflicts with these programs.

check if wsappx is working in task manager. it often detects the files being corrupt because sega s stupid launcher is used and not the windows store for the update. so windows thinks oh crap data corrupt or an evil cheating attempt.

i was only able to play with this.

delete pso. wait till wsappx wont be active anymore in task manager. restart install pso. dont press start. use the custom launcher pso2 tweaker. google for it or click start it click update. it will update the 90k files and download around 70gb finished.

only use the tweaker. never the sega launcher. you have to install the app in the ms store before using the tweaker otherwise it wont work.

Thank you all but i got it working.

@ShikiPerry how mine just started doing this

@ShikiPerry Mine also won't launch after a crash last night.

same, I logged off for 8 hours and then tried running it, nothing happens... 😞

Welp it did it again now reinstalling for the 3rd time. There's nothing we can do to open it till they find a fix