Game will no longer start with Virtual Fullscreen (Windowed Still Works)

So as the topic states, I can no longer start the game while virtual fullscreen is checked and have to use a window. Not sure what happened, played most of the day on launch, played for a few hours today (technically yesterday the 28th) and everything worked fine. I decided to go back on for a bit after taking care of some things and the game suddenly wouldn't load with Virtual Fullscreen active. After a few tries the app completely shut down and would not even boot up the launcher window. Tried repairing it, resetting it, nothing it was just dead. I uninstalled it and got everything installed again and it's all working now but again the virtual fullscreen just will not launch. It starts loading, the game guard thing loads like it did with the Japanese version but after that it just stops. When I set it to Windowed though it starts right up still.

Just curious if anyone's run into the same issue and found a fix for it (or if it's randomly fixed itself) or if I just have to wait? This is honestly pretty embarrassing that in 2 days I've found more problems than I ever did in the maybe 3 years I played on the Japanese servers. But I've learned from Sega US in the past that support on Phantasy Star titles is pretty much non-existent.

Edit: Decided to try setting my tv up as a second monitor and try setting virtual full screen on with it set to the second monitor and it works. It's still not working for my main monitor like I want and had been playing on for the last 2 days but it's at least a time killer until it's fixed... or until the app crashes again because of how crappy the Microsoft Store is.

having the same problem, only loads on windowed mode...