On the PC version will we be allowed to modify translated texts? There's a few errors with the translation on the English version of the game especially in regards to affixed abilities e.g "Might" instead of the correct term "Power"; they may be synonymous but it clearly states "PaWa" so using the word "Might" just to put it bluntly, ridiculous. I also went through some of Ozha text logs and there were numerous errors there one I can remember was him referring to an enemy being "Triggered" when texts states "Agitated" would've been correctly or even provoked.

So again I'd just want to modify the text files because its truly bothersome and I would use JP text overall since I can read it but the more complicated words makes it harder to read (Since Im good at speaking but not so much reading).

edit: "to put it bluntly, is ridiculous. Would've been correct or even provoked.

Just a couple sentences I needed to edit since I missed a word or added to a word by mistake lol